The Most Annoying Public Displays Of Affection!


Public displays of Affection aren’t something we’ve had to deal with in quite some time thanks to the pandemic, but as restrictions ease and the masks come off; be prepared.

A new survey on asked people to rank the most annoying or uncomfortable types of PDA’s.


Here are the top ten . . .

1.  Openly making out in public.

2.  Talking to each other in a baby voice.

3. Putting your hand or arm on their shoulder.

4.  Holding hands.

5.  Touching their butt.

6.  One person sitting on the other person’s lap.

7.  Using pet names in front of other people, like “honey” or “Pookie.”

8.  Proposing in public.  One in four said watching it makes them uncomfortable.

9.  A peck on the lips.

10.  Staring at them too much, or looking deep into each other’s eyes.