The Most Common Laundry Fails

Does anyone really like to do laundry?

I love doing laundry, said no mom ever!   It’s a daily or weekly occurrence, but how many times do you get it right?

How many times have you washed a tissue, mixed a white shirt with colours, or shrunk something because you have it on the wrong setting?  

Other errors include leaving wet clothes in the washer overnight too often, overfilling the machine and putting detergents in the wrong drawer.

It’s ok if you suck at the laundry, it’s because no one really wants to do it.

Over half of those polled in the survey say they mess up a wash because they can’t read the how-to label right.

And about a quarter of people struggle to work out their lights and darks.

The study also found 44 percent almost always use the same setting on their washing machine because they have no idea what the other programs are for.

While 21 percent frequently stick to hot washes because they’re worried a cold wash won’t kill bacteria properly.

Despite being a deceptively simple task, and a part of everyday life, almost half admitted they find keeping their clothes clean an ongoing challenge.

And furthermore, as a result of a laundry blunder, 53 percent have had to wash the same load of washing multiple times to get the desired result.

These washing machine mishaps aren’t without casualties, with 54 percent admitting the need to throw garments away which have been ruined in the wash.

And 43 percent resist wearing one or more of the items of clothing in their wardrobe – because they are unsure about how to wash them.


  1. Leaving a tissue in a pocket resulting in pesky white fluff on clean laundry
  2. Putting a coloured item of clothing in the wash, causing discolouration to any white laundry
  3. Leaving loose change in a pocket and hearing it rattle in the drum
  4. Leaving wet clothes in the drum for a long time after a wash, causing odours
  5. Colour running from a garment and staining others
  6. Over-filling the drum, leads to a poor wash
  7. Turning clothes pink from a red item of clothing in the wash
  8. Washing on the wrong setting and shrinking or ruining a garment
  9. Over-filling the drum, causing the washing machine to make a worrying sound
  10. Putting laundry detergents or fabric conditioners etc. in the wrong drawer of the machine
  11. Washing on the wrong setting and ruining a garment’s shape
  12. Staining your clothes due to a dirty washing machine
  13. Over-filling the drum, meaning the washing machine leaks
  14. Damaging the absorbency of items by using too much fabric softener
  15. Leaving tech items, such as phones or earbuds, in a pocket