The Most Common Nightmares We Have!

I feel like I'm falling!

Even as we sleep, are brains never turn off, and sometime’s they go into overdrive while we sleep and cause us to have nightmares…

We’ve all woken up at some point totally freaked out by a bad dream.

Have you ever dreamed you were late for work?  According to a new study, it’s one of the most common nightmares we have.  

A recent survey of 2,000 Americans has compiled a list of the most common nightmares.


Here are the top 10.


1.  Dreams where you’re falling.  65% of us have experienced that one.

2.  Being chased, 63%.

3.  Dying, 55%.

4.  Feeling lost, 54%.

5.  Feeling trapped, 52%.

6.  Being attacked, 50%.

7.  Missing an important event, 44%.

8.  Waking up late for work, 43%.

9.  Sex-related stuff, 40%.

10.  A loved one dying, 36%.


Some of the jobs where you’re most likely to dream about being late for work include:  Teachers, construction workers, food service workers, people in retail, members of the military, and people in finance.


People who work in broadcasting and entertainment are more likely to dream about missing a deadline, and about being naked at work.