The Most Common Work Dreams

Common workplace dreams – including the classic; running late, realizing you’re naked in the office and everyone’s favourite, having sex with a colleague.

The past few months have been stressful, to say the least!  Dreams are our minds’ way of working through subconscious issues when we’re sleeping.   And there is no doubt that we have many issues to choose from right now.

Many of our dreams are about work, in fact, workplace dreams are incredibly common. Research by Psychic World has revealed the five most common workplace dreams.

The most common work dreams are:

Being late/forgetting you have work (64%)
Unprepared for a presentation (58%)
Realizing you are naked (47%)
Having sex with a colleague (42%)
Trapped in the toilet/lift (38%)


Fun Fact:

Having sex with a colleague in your dreams doesn’t mean you’re attracted to this person (unless you already know you are).  This could instead be a very heavy-handed way of your brain telling you that this person has attributes in the workplace that you want to have yourself.