The Most Cringeworthy Phrases In Work Emails Of 2021- So Far!


If you’re guilty of saying anything along the lines of this, please, stop.  So many words and phrases that have been showing up in emails for the past 18-months!  They include:


  1. Cohort
  2. Close the loop
  3. Hop on a call
  4. Hope you’re well
  5. B2H (business to human)
  6. Mainstream media
  7. Agile
  8. ‘Trying times’ and now more than ever
  9. We remain cautious
  10. TLA (three-letter acronym)


There are other hated workplace phrases that will piss off workers.  Like these ones!

Touch base, No-brainer, outside the box, going the extra mile, brainstorm, low hanging fruit, get the ball rolling and moving forward.