The Most Dangerous Things In Canada, According To An Unofficial Poll

Canada is a dangerous place, lol!

We Canadians are very aware of the dangers that dwell among us, but those who don’t live here, might not know the risks of being Canadian.


These are the 5 most dangerous things to Canadians 


#1 Polar Bears

They are apex predators, they can easily outrun humans and can smell food and fear from a kilometre away!



#2 Zamboni

The blade on the Zamboni machine is designed especially for ice-resurfacing. It is sharp enough to slice through thick stacks of newsprint, weighs 57 pounds, and is ½ inch thick. Every Canadian secretly fears getting run over by one.



# 3- Moose

They are huge with the average female weighing in at 771 pounds and a male at 1,800 pounds, they can also dive 20 ft underwater.


#4 People from Winnipeg

It has one of the highest murder rates in all of Canada, enough said.


#5 The Canadian Goose

(Cobra chickens)- We secretly hate them.  The female is called a goose and the male is a gander. They’re mean- and don’t care if you’re a car- they will walk across the street regardless!