The Most Immature Things We Do

Act your age, not your shoe size!

We are forever young, or at least we try to be.  Even as adults, we still find ourselves doing immature things.

Popping bubble wrap, kicking piles of leaves and licking the bowl are all childish habits that one in five of us just can’t kick, a new study has found.

Other youthful urges included whizzing around the grocery store while clinging to the shopping cart and drawing faces on steamed-up mirrors. Oh, and not eating crust!

The study found that most people tend to cling to childish ways until the age of 26.

Nevertheless, a youthful two-thirds of adults said they still feel like a big kid at heart with one in 10 admitting to indulging in Home Alone-style pranks such as jumping out on people to startle them.

More than half of those studied said they regularly daydream, mostly about being very rich or happy, while a third of dreamers imagine a life lived in a big house and a fifth pretend they have superpowers.

Other childish things we do as adults include:

Buying Dino Nuggets
talking to objects
giving Voices to stuffed animals
saying “jinx” when you and someone else say something at the same time…
Running up the stairs on all fours