The Most Popular Abbreviations For Tweeting and Texting!

I just figured out what IDK means…

TTYL- Talk to you later…My brain can’t process the letters.  TIA-Thanks in advance.  PTB-Please text back!  (This is too much)

Millennials were those who created and popularized the use of internet chat abbreviations. Shortened common words, word combinations, and even sentences have become a part of tweeting and instant messaging.

People have started abbreviating words due to the limited number of characters permitted in a single message or tweet. Until 2017, one tweet could include no more than 140 characters and 20 characters for a username. This number doubled to 280 characters, yet the tradition to abbreviate is still a trend these days. People want to save their efforts and time for typing especially when it’s made on the go.

Besides, one of the reasons to use shorthand in texting is the accelerated life pace which makes us say or do more in less space and time.

Here is a selection of the most popular and widely used internet abbreviations in 2022:

  • LOL: Laughing out loud
  • ASAP: As soon as possible
  • FYI: For your information
  • G2G: Got to go
  • FB: Facebook
  • MSG: Message
  • TTYL: Talk to you later
  • IMO: In my opinion

Teens even have secret codes with their abbreviations to chat!

  • PAW (Parents are watching)
  • PITR (Parent in the room)
  • PBB (Parent behind back)
  • POMS (Parent over my shoulder)
  • KPC (Keeping parents clueless)
  • PAH (Parent at home).