The Olympic Events We Are Most Likely To Watch!

Who doesn't love the diving competition!

A poll was conducted asking people which events at the games they were most likely to watch and the events that they were most likely to skip.  It appears the excitement of what the Olympics was in the 80s and 90s is gone!


Just 37% said they’re “very” or “somewhat” interested in the Olympics this year. Everyone else either said they’re “not very interested,” or they couldn’t care less.


People who DO like the Olympics were asked to name the events they’re most excited for


Here are the five events we’re most likely to watch…

1.  Swimming.  43% put it in their top five.



2.  “Artistic” gymnastics, 39%.  Those are the more athletic ones, like the balance beam and vault.  “Rhythmic” 

gymnastics are less popular, like where they dance around with a big ribbon.



3.  Diving.  36% put it in their top five.



4.  Beach volleyball, 20%.



5.  Basketball, 19%.  The rest of the top ten are rhythmic gymnastics .. . boxing . . . track-and-field . . . baseball . . . and synchronized swimming.



The poll also looked at the events we DON’T care about.  The ones we’re least likely to watch include Handball . . . water polo . . . field hockey . . . judo.. . ping pong . . . sailing . . . rugby . . . the pentathlon . . . canoeing . . . and badminton.