The Recipe For The Perfect Weekend!

Want to have a fantastic weekend? 

The fact that stage one is starting helps!  Here’s how one expert suggests how to have an epic weekend!


1.  Avoid work email and social media.  The weekend is the perfect time to disconnect  by avoiding ALL work email and social media.  And if that seems like too big of an ask, try it for just ONE of your weekend days to start.



2.  Spend time with family and friends.  After a year of isolation, it’s time to start getting out there again.



3.  Go outside.  Here’s a good plan as the weather gets better:  Track how many hours you spend outside on Saturday and Sunday this weekend, then see if you can increase it next weekend and the weekend after.  It will likely do wonders for your mood.



4.  Exercise.  I don’t need to list off all the benefits of exercise.  And if you ALREADY exercise regularly, the weekend is a great time to add some variety to your routine, like going for a long hike or bike ride.



5.  Enjoy good food or drinks.  If you’re in the habit of rushing through meals on weekdays, the weekend should give you time to slow down and savor a great dinner.



6. Do something you love to do. Sometimes our hobbies and passions can take a backseat to chores, kids, and other obligations. So carve out time this weekend to do something you truly love.