The Reinvented Fisher-Price Telephone Actually Makes Phone Calls

In honour of the toy’s 60th Anniversary!

We all secretly wished our toy phone growing up could actually make calls!

And who didn’t wish this Fisher-Price stove would actually cook?

And don’t get me started on this crib toy that we all had!

Fisher-Price  has made out childhood dreams come true making the toy phone fully functional.



Because just like the NES Classic Edition or even the Sega Genesis Mini, everything that was old is now new again.



The Chatter Telephone features a mostly plastic frame with four wheels for easy mobility, just like the original toy. But this one comes with a battery and Bluetooth inside.  Once charged, you’ll get 9-hours of talk time!



It’s available for $60 and is available in limited quantities.  It’s up for preorder now at Best Buy.