The “Rizz”: New Dating Tactic Women Can’t Get Enough Of

This is why Pete is so Hot!

Ever met someone who is not your type at all, but suddenly you start talking and you find yourself getting hot and bothered?

Think Pete Davidson! You’ve got what TikTok is calling the “rizz.” And this cheeky dating tactic has tricked many women into bed with a guy more than once.

WHAT IS ‘Rizz”?

It’s short for “charisma,” and according to Urban Dictionary, it’s defined as “the quality of attracting women without even trying (and) being the type of man that everyone knows has the suavest personality and charm in the room.”

Note: Not the hottest in the room. But the most charming in the room. And it’s got women ripping their clothes off.

So next time you spot a woman (or man) in the crowd that takes your fancy, why not turn on the charm and go up and say hello? Woo them with your broad smile, confident demeanour, and ballsy bravado.

And heck, if you’re not feeling all those things, simply fake it till you make it. You may very well surprise yourself. It certainly worked for Pete Davidson.