The Rudest Cities in Canada!

On average, Canadians apologize nine times per day

Canada, we are known around the world as kind and polite in general.

But just a heads up for those who may be visiting from abroad- some Canuks are A-holes…

An E-learning platform, Preply surveyed over 1,500 people from 44 Canadian cities, who had lived there for at least one year, to rate the average rudeness of their fellow residents.

Based on survey results.  These cities have the rudest peeps!

Vaughan was crowned the rudest city, followed by Coquitlam in BC. Brampton comes in number third for its rude residents with Surrey taking fourth place and Windsor rounds out the top 5.

Thunder Bay, Regina, Edmonton, Sudbury and Winnipeg round out the top 10!


According to the survey, the rudest behaviour is being absorbed by phone in public…(people in Vaughan)

Being noisy in public, not letting people merge in traffic and not slowing down when driving near pedestrians are said to be the rudest acts by Canadians…

The Cities that swear the most are Burlington, Guelph, and Chatham-Kent!

Residents of Burlington Ontario are said to swear on average 15 times a day, followed by Guelph, Ontario, with 14. Chatham, Ontario; Gatineau, Quebec; and Regina, Saskatchewan, tied for third with 13 swears a day.

Key findings

  • Over four in five Canadians agree with the stereotype that Canadians are polite
  • The top three rudest cities in Canada are Vaughan, Coquitlam, and Brampton
  • The most common rude behaviours in Canada include being absorbed by your phone in public, being noisy in public and not letting people merge in traffic
  • Markham, Saguenay, and Cape Breton are the most polite cities
  • Canadians swear nine times per day on average, but Burlingtonians swear the most
  • On average, Canadians apologize nine times per day

Barrie Ontario holds the title of worst hockey parents, most empty beer cans found on the ground and hottest doctors per capita!