The ‘Silent Walking’ Trend

This really isn't anything new!

‘Silent Walking’ is the latest trend by Gen Zs on TikTok, but it has caused confusion and anger among the public…

Oh, Gen Zs- they do know how to set trends…”Everything Showers,” “bed rotting,” and of course “bare minimum Mondays.”

And now the latest Gen Z “movement” taking the youngest generation by storm is, ironically, not that new at all.

They call it “silent walking”, that is: going for a walk without their phones, or without listening to music, podcasts, or any sort of technological distraction.

Many Gen Zs are taking to TikTok to show us older generations how it’s done, also realizing in the process that it’s life-changing… And for once, this trend isn’t a bad one.  Those Gen Zs who have just discovered that walking in silence can be very therapeutic are encouraging others to do the same…


silent walks are the most grounding 🚶🏼‍♀️🤓🌸☀️

♬ original sound – Arielle Lorre

Now thousands of other Gen Z’s are ditching their hot girl walk – the original walking trend that emerged from lockdown cabin fever – in favour of silence and posting about it to TikTok.

And while those who have tried the ‘silent walk’ also rave about the benefits. Many people can’t believe the younger generation thinks walking without being plugged in is so revolutionary.


Multiple studies have shown spending time in nature is beneficial for our health. Almost as many studies are emerging about the harms of spending too much time on our phones.

And, yet, the irony of it all is that by documenting their silent walks on social media as part of spreading the trend, these silent walkers are not, in fact, walking silently at all.

Just saying!