Gen Z Says 3-Hour ‘Everything Showers’ Are ‘Better Than Sex’

Perhaps you just need to have good sex!

It’s wet, but it’s not wild!

Gen Zs and millennials are hot for getting clean, very clean.

The newest trend in grooming is the “everything shower,” which entails taking an extremely warm, steamy shower for two to four hours, soaping up every nook and cranny while they blast their favourite music.

On TikTok, the indulgent practice has gone viral, with #EverythingShower racking up over 168.9 million views.

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An everything shower with hot water and Taylor Swift is better than sex, one TikToker claims…

The Steps to Take For An ‘Everything Shower’

Condition (raise off)
Wash your body with shaving cream to reduce the risk of razor bumps and irritation
Double Cleanse the Face