People On TikTok Are Saying That Eating Oranges In The Shower Is A “Life-Changing” Experience…

Why Not?

Someone posted a TikTok video listing all the reasons they love eating oranges in the shower.  The video has over 7.2 million views and appears to make a strong case as to why one should try and eat an orange in the shower…

The TikToker says “eating an orange in the shower eliminates any worry of making a mess, so, easy to clean and you can rip it open with no remorse.” User @au.stinoa also says, “In a hot shower, the heat and humidity exaggerate the taste and smell of the orange, the smell of citrus has also been linked to stress relief.”

@au.stino Replying to @rxskiii oranges are just better eaten this way. #HolidayOREOke #oranges #fyp #relatable #foryou #explore #seekdiscomfort ♬ JD Agri Photography – Jack📸🚜

Most people appeared intrigued by the concept while commenting on the video with one person pointing out that this wasn’t all that unusual in their culture.

“In Morocco when we go to the Hammam (bath houses) everybody brings clementines/oranges to eat. Also prevents you from fainting.”  

Eating oranges in the shower isn’t anything new.  It became popular in 2017 thanks to the subreddit threat r/ShowerOrange.

#ShowerOrange has over 7.6 million views on TikTok and counting with many trying it out!