Hygiene Experts Say That We’re Probably Showering Wrong

There's a difference between hygiene clean and just plain clean!

Your morning shower may be doing more harm than good!

According to hygiene experts, showering in the morning could be stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Most people shower daily because it’s socially acceptable and because we don’t want to smell.  But experts say that it’s not medically necessary!  While we have microbes on our bodies that produce nasty odours, they aren’t harmful to us.

It’s suggested to have no more than one shower a day as it could wash away the body’s microorganisms that help control oil levels on the skin.

“Cleanliness is what we do to look and feel clean, but hygiene is the cleaning we do to prevent the spread of germs,” the expert explained.

Hand washing, though, is non-negotiable.

“Hand-washing is still vital to prevent the spread of infections and diseases,” the hygiene expert explained.

According to Healthline, over-showering can also affect your skin by making it drier and more likely to get irritated.