The Things Our Parents’ Got Right!

The good old days...

A Twitter user asked Gen Z and Millennials about the things that their parents got right!  

Here are the top responses!

“Neighbourhood Watch. Most people knew each other from the beginning to the end of their street, and could therefore look out for each other.”

Privacy!  Now people just wake up and share very personal details on social media.

Photo albums!

Fixing Things! At school we had home economics, where we learned to cook, kitchen hygiene, repair clothes, do woodwork and more.

That thing where you could own a home and raise a family off a low-skill factory job.

Landlines! You could get loud, cuss someone out and slam down the phone so the person on the other line would feel it.  The ‘boop’ of a cell phone call ending just doesn’t give the same feeling of rage.

Giving us wine and ginger ale!