The Things We Do To Help Get Us Through Winter

We find creative ways to make winter more bearable!

A study of 2,000 adults found that 57 percent actively look for pick-me-ups when the days get darker and the weather gets colder to boost their mood and keep them buoyant.

The Top Things We Do To Keep Us From Losing Our Minds In The Winter!

  1. Watch a movie
  2. Spend time with family
  3. Eat more comfort food
  4. Christmas films
  5. Roast dinners
  6. Exercise
  7. Cook a proper home-cooked meal
  8. Hot chocolate
  9. Fluffy socks/slippers
  10. Spend time outdoors
  11. Wearing pyjamas / loungewear
  12. Spend time with friends
  13. Take a vitamin D supplement
  14. Watch a comedy
  15. Light candles
  16. Sunlight
  17. Eat cake

Other things on the list include online shopping, sleeping more, sex, booking a vacation somewhere warm, and having lots of fires!