The Tony Awards Cancel Broadcast Due to Ongoing Writer’s Strike

It’s not looking good for the award’s show that was scheduled to air on June 11th.

The complexities of the writers’ strike, which is still in its early days, have made it virtually impossible for the show, Broadway’s biggest promotional push of the year to go ahead.

A vote from the organizers will happen on Friday to determine if the show will go on or be postponed.

The last writers’ strike in 2007-08 lasted a little more than three months. 

Although a source said a script for the Tonys was written long ago for every contingency — avoiding one major roadblock — playwrights who penned the nominated plays and musicals are members of the WGA and likely wouldn’t show up for the big night. The WGA is expected to picket the event.

And most other entertainment industry unions — SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity, the Directors Guild — are all standing lockstep behind the striking writers. 

There is still a spark of hope that the show could go on. The producers of the Tonys have requested a waiver from the Directors Guild to go forward with the telecast. That possible exemption is going to be discussed Thursday.