The Top 10 Holiday Gifts Most People Repeatedly Give And Get Every Year!

Everyone loves socks!

According to new research, by the age of 24, people appreciate a practical gift for the holidays.

Over 80 percent of people say that it’s better to give gifts than to receive them.

This includes “healthy” gifts – 77% said they’re more focused on health as we head into the holiday season, and many will use health and wellness for gifting inspiration.

Results showed that 78% are likely to buy a healthy gift for a loved one.

(I give booze, chocolate and cigars)

The average person only uses 43% of the gifts they receive!

The survey found holiday traditions are important to a whopping 86% of respondents, and 84% are excited to continue their family’s traditions.


1. Opening one present on Christmas Eve                                                               45%
2. Allowing one person to distribute gifts from the Christmas tree                      45%
3. Opening presents at midnight on Christmas                                                       44%
4. A White Elephant/Secret Santa exchange                                                           40%
5. Gifts for pets                                                                                                    36%
6. Specific order of opening gifts                                                                              35%
7. Have to play a game before opening gifts                                                            34%
8. Writing little hints on the wrapping paper                                                             33%
9. Gifts every night of Hanukkah                                                                               32%
10. No one can see the tree Christmas morning until everyone is up                     29%

1. Candy/chocolate                             47%
2. Something homemade                   44%
3. A gift card/money                           46%
4. Makeup products                            37%
5. Books                                              34%
6. Self-care items                                33%
7. A toothbrush                                   32%
8. Skin products                                 31%
9. Underwear                                      30%
10. Pajamas                                        30%