The Top 20 Most Common Lies!

'I forgot'

Let’s be honest, we’re not always honest!

A new study found that of those polled, they are most likely to lie to their partner.

Work colleagues came second, followed by employers – while 23 percent confessed to fibbing to a police officer and 14 percent to their child’s teacher.

Top 20 Most Common Lies

  1. ‘I forgot’
  2. ‘I’ll do it tomorrow
  3. ‘I am listening
  4. ‘I’m busy then’
  5. ‘Nice to see you
  6. ‘I haven’t got any change’
  7. ‘I’ve got no money
  8. ‘I got stuck in traffic
  9. ‘Don’t know what happened there
  10. Not disclosing the actual price of an item you purchased
  11. ‘I’m not very well
  12. ‘I’m looking forward to seeing you
  13. ‘That meal was nice’
  14. ‘I’ve got a headache
  15. ‘The email went into my junk’
  16. ‘I had to work late
  17. ‘The train/ bus was late’
  18. ‘I can’t/ couldn’t get any phone signal
  19. ‘I enjoy my job
  20. ‘I like what you’re wearing