The Top Motivators For Exercising!

Motivators including fitting into old clothes and shaking off a mad mood!

A study of 2000 adults revealed the main reasons for getting up and moving!


While working out is great for our mental health, this is not the main reason people exercise!


While many have been hitting the pavement, 23% have a lack of motivation since lockdown began.  Many say the reason they’re not into working out is that they can’t go to gyms and they have nothing to train for.  But for those who are motivated- here are the reasons!

Top 20 motivations to exercise:


1. To take your mind off other things

2. To achieve something

3. To increase your overall confidence

4. Wanting to hit a target weight

5. To improve your sleep

6. To prove to yourself you can exercise

7. Going on holiday

8. Wanting to fit into old clothes

9. To shake off a bad mood

10. You get a buzz from exercising / feeling fit

11. To zone out from your thoughts e.g. work stress or relationship woes

12. Weighing yourself for the first time in months

13. Wanting to feel confident in swimwear

14. Seeing old photos

15. Going traveling

16. Knowing that if you exercise you can reward yourself e.g. with food or a purchase

17. To improve your skin

18. Advice from your GP

19. To prove to others your can exercise

20. Wanting to take up a new hobby


Other reasons include going out on a date, posting images on social media, and going to a school reunion.