The Top Outdoor Family Activities To Do This Summer According To Parents

Don't forget paintball and Go-Karts!

Summer is officially here!  Nine weeks of fun are ahead of us.  But what should we do with all this time?



Swimming in the lake, picnics, and bike rides are among the top activities that families want to experience this summer!



Other top activities this summer included watching the sunrise, a trip to a theme park, and a quintessential trip to the beach. 



It also emerged that six in 10 families want to spend more quality time together outdoors this summer, after enjoying nature became more important than after the start of the pandemic.



The study also found nearly a quarter intend to build sandcastles on the beach, playing in the park, and going on a treasure hunt were other adventures families hope to experience this summer.



Glamping is also one of the top activities families have never done but would consider for the first time this year.



It also emerged 67 percent of parents have struggled to come up with ideas to keep their children amused since the pandemic began.



Top 10 family activities to do this summer according to parents:


1.            Have a picnic

2.            Watch the sunrise and set

3.            Go to theme parks

4.            Bike rides

5.            Swim in the lake

6.            Go to nature reserves

7.            Sightsee in a city

8.            Play in the water (lake/Pool)

9.            Fruit picking

10.          Build sandcastles