The Top Ten Turn-Offs For Vacation Flings!

Looking for love while away?

A study of 2,000 adults found that 73 percent of those who’ve had a fling stayed in touch with that special someone after returning home.

While two in five have booked a trip with the hope of finding love – with 30 percent taking along a wingman and 10 percent pursuing romance alone.

Living in the moment, being excited and being spontaneous were the top reasons the nation loves a holiday romance.

It also emerged a beach break is the perfect type of holiday for finding love – as people feel more attractive and confident with a glowing tan.

Top 10 Turn-Offs

1.            Socks and sandals

2.            Dodgy tan lines

3.            Sunburn

4.            Group branded t-shirts

5.            Mosquito bites

6.            Cheesy chat-up lines

7.            Lack of enthusiasm in their nature – glass half-empty

8.            Not appearing to be interested in what their possible date has to say

9.            Someone who talks too much

10.          Smokers