The Top Things People Eat To Comfort Themselves During Difficult Times

According to new research, people are eating as they used to as a kid to get through this pandemic.

The survey found that 2020, the year of quarantining and social distancing, two in three are reverting to their favourite childhood comfort foods. 


This includes foods like pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, French fries, Mac and cheese, and spaghetti.

The survey looked at eating habits during the pandemic and found that people are enjoying those childhood comfort foods at least five times a week.


As a result, 85% of respondents have gained weight.

Top 15 most devoured comfort foods of 2020


Pizza: 55 percent

Hamburgers: 48 percent

Ice cream: 46 percent

French fries: 45 percent

Mac & cheese: 39 percent

Potato Chips: 39 percent

Cookies: 38 percent

Chocolate: 37 percent

Cereal: 34 percent

Fried Chicken: 34 percent

Spaghetti & meatballs: 32 percent

Mashed potatoes: 32 percent

Bread: 31 percent

Hotdogs: 31 percent

Pancakes: 30 percent