The Toys Inducted Into The “Toy Hall of Fame” For 2022!

Every kid in the 80s had one of these toys!

It’s official!  The ancient top, Master of the Universe and Lite-Brite all have a permanent place in the National Toy Hall of Fame; and in our hearts!

There were 12 finalists to choose from, all worthy of a place in the Hall of Fame, but this year Lite-Brite beat out Breyer for the honour.

Here’s a little info about the honourees this year!

About Top: Since ancient times, the spinning top has been a childhood staple of cultures in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Australia.

About Masters of the Universe: The Master of the Universe line of action figures, which includes the iconic He-Man and She-Ra, traces its popularity to maker Mattel’s use of comic books, television, and the big screen.

About Lite-Brite: Created in 1966, Lite-Brite uses the same concept as stained-glass windows, allowing children to create glowing images against a black background, either following manufactured designs or creating their picture. Through the years, Lite-Brite has gradually changed its format and technology but the potential for open-ended creativity has kept Lite-Brite popular for more than 50 years.