The Toys You Played With That Would Be ‘Totally Unsafe’ And Inappropriate Today!

We survived!

There’s a discussion on Reddit right now where people are sharing the toys and games from when they were a kid that would be considered too dangerous today.


Here are some of the highlights…


1.  “On playgrounds, there was always the spinning gate.  A gate on a pole.  You stood on the back of it and just spin around.”

2.  “You could buy a radioactive science kit that came with real radioactive material and a Geiger counter.”

3.  “Lawn darts . . . when the game was over, we used to throw them in the air.”

4.  “We had weird fake cigarettes that actually allowed you to blow smoke.”


5.  “Playgrounds were plunked down on asphalt and concrete, with metal slides that caused third-degree burns on hot summer days.”