The Unexpected Things Parents Hate About Having Kids

Yes, we love our children...But somethings they do, we hate!

We all love our kids and would do anything for them, and perhaps that’s why we have grown to loathe certain things about parenting.

Here are some of the things parents confess to hating about having kids:

Kid’s birthday parties.  You have to have 15-20 kids at your house because you have to include everyone now!  (Remember back in the day, when you turned 8 so you could only have 8 kids at your party?)

The expectation from other parents is that our families should be hanging around together just because our kids are in the same class. No, I don’t want to go to the zoo with you-Debbie!

We hate watching the kids pick their noses. As they get older and turn into teenagers, they not only still pick their noses but now they are picking their zits.

We hate the fact that there is no such thing as being spontaneous when it comes to sex. Just like a kid’s playdate, you have to schedule playtime with your spouse.  And by the time you schedule that, you’re exhausted and over it.

We hate that kids always want to talk or just come into the room when you’re trying to watch a show.  I don’t want to pause sex life, Leo- get out of here!

We hate that our entire summer is spent driving them to camps, work, and friends’ homes.

We hate that we can’t have a drink and get tipsy without worrying about the next day.

We hate all the activities, parent-teacher and being in charge of snacks for the team…

We hate the constant noise and shouting.

We hate the constant anxiety… worrying every minute of the day about them and those ridiculous scenarios that run through our minds.

We hate weekends! Weekends after having kids mean 8 a.m. soccer games, birthday parties, and expectations to entertain your kids all the time. I relish Mondays now.”