The World’s Largest Four-Day Work Week Trial Finds It Works

Sounds amazing! Talk about living the dream!

Of those who participated, one in six say they won’t go back to a five-day work week.

This massive trial in the UK conducted from June to December was the first of its kind with many large companies participating. Overwhelmingly people were in favour of this work schedule.

Most employees enjoyed shorter work hours, and less stress and had a better work-life balance during this time.

Not surprisingly, employees reported benefits, with less burned out, less stress and more satisfaction with their job than before the trial.

Of the workers, 60% said it was easier to balance work and responsibilities at home, while 73% reported increased satisfaction with their lives. Fatigue was down, people were sleeping more and mental health improved, the findings show.

The companies that participated said revenue wasn’t affected either.

For all those who participated in the trial, there was a drop in the likelihood of employees quitting, down 57% compared with the same period a year earlier, as well as those calling out sick, down 65% from a year ago, according to the findings.

The pandemic changed the way the world works, with people now looking to work from home, and wanting greater flexibility and improved work-life balance.