There’s A New Barbie For Younger Children

Mattel launches new barbie doll for preschoolers!

The doll, called “My First Barbie,” is specifically created for kids three years old and older.

Mattel created the preschooler Barbie to suit their needs.


Lisa McKnight, executive VP and global head of Barbie and dolls for Mattel said “We talk to parents and kids almost every day. Interestingly, what came up more and more from parents who grew up with Barbie themselves was that they wanted a Barbie doll that was easier to play with for little hands with less dexterity.”

Although the toymaker has introduced My First Barbie-branded dolls over the years, this is the first version of the iconic doll for preschool children.

The $20 doll, which is available for purchase beginning this month at Walmart, Amazon and other retailers, is noticeably different from the original Barbie.

Mattel is launching the doll in four skin tones and with accessories like shoes and purses, a summer beach look complete with a sun hat and swimsuit, and other fashion clothing with Velcro fasteners so little kids can easier change their clothes and bedroom and tea time play sets.

First introduced as Barbie Millicent Roberts in 1959, Mattel sold 300,000 Barbie dolls in the first year of her launch. To date, it has sold more than a billion dolls worldwide.