There’s A New Five-Hour Bus Tour Meant To Put Your To Sleep!

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A Hong Kong tour company is offering a unique solution to help stressed-out passengers get some rest — a five-hour bus ride to nowhere.



Remember when you would put the baby in the car just to get him or her to nap?  It’s kinda the same thing…



So for those who find it easy to nap in a moving vehicle, this could be just for you!



The longest bus route in Hong Kong, will travel 47 miles around the Tuen Mun highway and North Lantau Island on the “uninterrupted sleeping bus.”


Passengers can choose among four types of cabins on the double-decker bus, with tickets prices ranging from $13 to $51. The itinerary offers a “food coma lunch” and stops at various scenic sites and drop-off locations.



Passengers meet at a restaurant for a two-course western meal before boarding the bus to start sleeping.



There are five stops along the way!  The sleeping bus tour was sold out for its inaugural trip Saturday, NPR reported.