There’s A Thing Called Beggars’ Night! The Night Before Halloween!

I'm on board since it would take place on Saturday this year!

As the weather cools and the leaves change colour, the countdown to Halloween begins.



It’s about time to plan a trip to your favourite pumpkin patch and, of course, find the right costume for Beggars’ Night.



Wait, Beggars’ night?  What’s that?



It’s a tradition foreign to many, but trick-or-treaters in many places around the world and in parts of the USA go out on Oct. 30, not Oct. 31. 

“Instead, younger children were encouraged to Trick-or-Treat on another night, before Halloween. The chosen date for Beggars Night varies and is typically dependent on the day Halloween falls each year.[1] Beggars Night typically begins after school and often concludes between 6 and 8 PM.”



It’s a quirky and unique tradition started about 80 years ago to curb the violence and vandalism that had become an annual problem on Halloween night.