There’s An App That Will Tell You The Best Time To Pee During A Movie

Hack For Going To The Bathroom During A Movie!

There’s nothing worse than having to pee when you are right into a movie in the theatre!

Oppenheimer is a 3-hour movie, so unless you drink nothing you’ll have to pee for sure. 

TikToker Mary Ardnt (@ijustwannachatpodcast) posted a video explaining the best time to take a bathroom break during Oppenheimer…

This led to another guy telling us about this app…

@world.shaker #stitch with @mary arndt more #movie ♬ original sound – World Shaker

RunPee is an app designed to tell users when the best time to go to the restroom during a specific movie would be, labelling them “Peetimes.” While they are normally during the slower parts of films, Peetimes are meant to be moments that are easy to summarize and less than crucial to the movie. 

To use the app, users start by pressing a button when the movie starts. Then, the app will send a notification to your phone when the most optimal time for a bathroom break occurs. Once you return, RunPee will summarize that part of the movie.

On top of the Peetimes, RunPee informs people about potential after-credit scenes and how valuable they are. 

Furthermore, RunPee has Alert Peetimes, which lets people know if a potentially disturbing scene is about to happen. However, RunPee acknowledges that there are some limitations.

With both Barbie and Oppenheimer expecting to continue their success following an encouraging opening weekend, RunPee can help people make the right decision in the time of a bladder crisis.