These Are The 10 Most Offensive Baby Names!

What's cute when they're six months may not work when they're 30!

According to Nameberry, a baby naming site, some controversial monikers should be avoided due to negative associations, offensive roots or the fact that they’re awkward in practice.

Here are the names to avoid calling your kid:

Adonis! A nod to the lover of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, but the name experts stress to always stay away from virtue-associated titles, like Grace, Joy and Divine.

(Experts explain that giving your baby a virtuous name could be awkward in the future for someone who doesn’t fit the dictionary definition.) 

Other names NOT to call your kid are the ones that sound more fitting for your pet, like Teddy, Sonny, Kitty, Goldie and Coco…

Blair is also a name to avoid due to its negative connotations…

Religious monikers should also be avoided, such as Azriel.  The name means “angel of death” figures in Islam, Christianity and Sikhism.

Monikers that have problematic or violent connotations should be avoided as well, according to Nameberry. Dixie, for one, carries racist roots — hence the name change of the Dixie Chicks to simply The Chicks.

Gunner — as well as Caliber, Cannon, Colt, Remington and Wesson, to name a few — might trigger controversy due to the ongoing debate over gun control.

Harvey should also be avoided, thanks to disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and Hurricane Harvey.

The baby name experts also argued that geographical names are ill-fated — namely, India, Dakota, Asia and Kenya…

Nameberry also advised against baby names associations with politics, television series and animals, as well as the moniker Karen, due to its viral use as an insult.