These Are The Most Stressful Life Situations!

First dates, work presentations, and phoning a stranger!

There are many things that cause unnecessary distress, and as much as we try to avoid these situations, they’re going to happen!


According to a new survey, almost three-quarters will avoid stressful situations (72 percent), while half will deliberately put them off if they are already feeling anxious.


While Health, financial and family problems are among the top things to stress us out, there are a few others that cause anxiety.


Running late, a job interview, and forgetting something important you had to do stresses us out also!


Daily stresses include, not being able to sleep at night, getting into a fight with your partner, and traffic.

Here are more stressful experiences:


10.         Worrying you have upset a friend

11.          Tight deadlines

12.          Having to give a presentation (or virtual) at work

13.          Waking up late

14.          Forgetting what to say when doing a presentation

15.          Saying the wrong thing to a friend

16.          Driving on unknown roads

17.          Clothes not fitting

18.          Other people turning up late

19.          Making a phone call to a stranger

20.          Not knowing what to buy someone as a gift

21.          Problems with your skin

22.          Attending a meeting

23.          What to wear to an event

24.          Getting a stain on your clothes

25.          Bumping into an ex-partner

26.          Having accidentally double-booked social events

27.          Dating

28.          Seeing people post lockdown/socializing post lockdown

29.          Accidentally ‘liking’ an old photo on someone’s social media

30.          What to wear as you have come out of lockdown /choosing post lockdown outfit