These Are The Safest Areas In Canada To Live…

Barrie makes the top 10!

Ever wonder where the safest spots in the Country are?

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Money experts at investigated the Canadian cities least likely to be affected by arson, robbery, impaired driving, and burglary. Using Canadian Crime Index data, the number of offences for each crime was calculated per 100,000 of the population. These factors were then combined and ranked to generate a top-ten list of Canada’s safest areas.  

Ottawa-Gatineau, ON, is the fifth safest Canadian city to live in, with 333.9 offences per 100k. Ottawa-Gatineau, ON, had the third lowest number of impaired driving cases in 2021, with 69.6 crimes. Ottawa-Gatineau, ON, also experienced low levels of arson, with 9.9 instances in 2021. 


Top Ten Safest Places To Live In Canada!



Toronto – 286.9 offences per 100k   


 Quebec – 301 offences per 100k   


 Ottawa-Gatineau, QC – 318.8 offenses per 100k   


 Sherbrooke – 327.4 offenses per 100k   


 Ottawa-Gatineau, ON – 333.9 offenses per 100k   


 Montreal – 356.7 offences per 100k   


 Barrie – 356.7 offences per 100k   


 Trois-Rivières – 366.2 offenses per 100k   


 Saguenay – 396.3 offenses per 100k   


 Hamilton – 420.6 offences per 100k   


 According to recent data, Toronto is the safest place to live in Canada. Toronto is the city least prone to breaking and entering, with 150.8 instances of burglary per 100k of the population in 2021. Toronto is also in the top ten Canadian cities least likely to experience arson and impaired driving offences.   


Quebec is the second safest Canadian city to live in, with 301 offences per 100,000 population. Quebec has the lowest number of robbery cases than any other Canadian city, with 12.2 violations in 2021. Quebec also scores low in breaking and entering occurrences, with the second lowest number behind Toronto, with 161.2 instances.    


Ottawa-Gatineau, QC, is the third safest Canadian city to live in, with 318.8 offences per 100,000 population. Ottawa-Gatineau, QC, is in the top ten Canadian cities least likely to experience robbery and breaking and entering.   


Sherbrooke comes in fourth place with 327.4 offences per 100k of the population. Sherbrooke has the third-lowest number of robberies in 2021, with 16.6 cases. Additionally, instances of breaking and entering were the fourth lowest in Sherbrooke, with 169.7 occurrences in 2021.