These Are The Top Causes of An Afternoon Slump!

Ever hit that wall in the afternoon?

The average “afternoon slump” starts at 3 o’clock on the dot, according to new research.

For those who experience a loss of motivation or lack of energy in the afternoon, the average afternoon slump will last almost 29 minutes.

And Tuesday was revealed to be the most “afternoon slump”-inducing day for respondents.

The survey looked at the causes of a “slump” (in the afternoon or otherwise), and the steps respondents take to regain their motivation once a slump starts.

For those who experience slumps, the top cause was a lack of caffeine, followed by boredom — with a lack of energy rounding out the top three reasons.

A lack of food and a lack of sleep rounded out the top five causes for a slump.


  • Lack of caffeine — 56%
  • Boredom — 53%
  • Lack of energy — 53%
  • Lack of food — 51%
  • Lack of sleep — 41%
  • The season (e.g., colder/darker days in winter) — 37%
  • Sitting in one place for too long — 23%
  • Not having taken a break in several hours — 20%
  • Anticipation for the day to be over — 18%
  • Repetitive tasks/assignments — 18%