These Are The Top Household Items To Sell In January to Earn a Bit of Extra Cash…

We all know that VISA bill is coming…

You could make hundreds of dollars just by selling unused items from around the home, according to eBay.

The resale platform analyzed prices fetched for common household goods and has ranked them to show how money can be made from items you no longer need, or that you were lucky enough to have upgraded over Christmas.

The top things to sell right now include Bikes, Tablets and older video game consoles.

Other items around the house that you could make bank on include a smartwatch, Ping Pong Table, Vacuum cleaner, hair drying (Dyson) Car seats and Air buds.

Your old fake Christmas tree could see you raking in some extra Christmas cash.

Oh, and if you have a juicer or Keurig – sell those too for some extra pocket money!

According to eBay’s research, conducted by Opinium, almost half of us are making New Year’s resolutions around saving money, and 47% feel apprehensive about the New Year because of money issues.