These Are The Top Things People Have Done Spontaneously As The Feel More Adventurous Post-Lockdown

Have you been spontaneous?

People have become more spontaneous since lockdowns were lifted, with getting tattoos, a drastic haircut, and moving house among the things people have done.

A study of 2,000 adults found 22 percent are ready for adventure a year and a half of restrictions.


As a result, the average adult makes at least one impulsive decision a week.


Those impulsive decisions include buying new clothes, deciding to eat out, and donating to charity.  


Others have spontaneously decided to book a holiday, go on a date, or even quit their job.


The study found that we act spontaneously six times a month!


Reasons for being spontaneous include believing life is too short, improving one’s mood, and forgetting about other distractions or thoughts.


We are also making more spontaneous plans.  More than a fifth of adults say they are making last-minute plans instead of making arrangements ahead of time.

The study also found a third believe it’s important to live each day as it’s your last and 22 percent admitted that the pandemic has made them regret saying ‘no’ to plans in the past.


Being spontaneous also makes people feel excited, happy, and carefree.


Top things Brits have done spontaneously:


1.           Bought new clothes

2.           Eaten out

3.           Donated to charity

4.           Gone on a night out

5.           Booked a holiday

6.           Bought new furniture/homewares

7.           Gone on a date

8.           Got a drastic hair cut/colour

9.           Quit my job

10.         Bought a big TV

11.         Bought a pet

12.         Bought a car

13.         Gone to a theme park

14.         Got a tattoo

15.         Bought/sold a house