Things Adults Miss About Being A Child…

Being young at heart is important!

The top things adults miss most from childhood are waking up without a care in the world, school holidays, and having no life admin.

Sadly, 56% of adults say they have lost their sense of fun with age.

Getting pocket money, playing in the park and watching TV as soon as they got home from school was featured in the top 20 list. (below)

Remember the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday Nights?

Others miss things being done for them including cooking, laundry and lunches being made.

Waking up feeling excited, particularly on their birthday, was also featured.

The research went on to find that more than a quarter wish they hadn’t taken childhood for granted when they were young, and the most fun age was revealed as nine years old.

In comparison, 27 was found to be the average age adults lost their sense of fun.

You Can Learn from Children…

Among the things adults think they could learn from youngsters were making more time for fun, seeing the best in people and starting the day with positivity.

According to the study, adults that partake in childish fun like colouring, taking a nap or playing an arcade machine were fun to feel happier.

Top 20 Things Adults Miss About Being A Child!

  1. School holidays
  2. Waking up without a care in the world e.g. no worries about the day ahead
  3. No life admin
  4. Being cooked for
  5. Being looked after when unwell
  6. Waking up on birthday mornings feeling excited
  7. Spending a lot of time outdoors
  8. Playing in the park
  9. Getting pocket money
  10. Seeing friends every day at school
  11. Falling asleep quickly and easily
  12. Washing being done
  13. Watching kid’s TV shows
  14. Not knowing the concept of money
  15. The newness of everything e.g. flying for the first time, going to the cinema for the first time
  16. Waking up feeling excited
  17. Having friends over after school / going to friend’s houses
  18. Feeling like you could be anything you wanted when you grew up
  19. Not having to do food shopping
  20. Watching TV after getting home from school