Things Kids Wish Were School Subjects!

Kids really do want to learn life skills, for the most part!

How to be brave, how to make people laugh, and even how to take care of pets are among the top skills children wish they could learn at school.



A study was done of 1,000 kids aged 6-11 who said they wish they were taught how to be a YouTuber, how to eat healthier, and how to recycle things.

The research also revealed more children would like to learn how to cook their favourite meal than be good at video games.



Other fun activities they’d like to be taught include trampolining, go-karting, and rock climbing.



Here are the top ten things Kids would like as subjects in School!


1.           How to be a YouTube star

2.           How to look after pets

3.           How to cook my favourite meal

4.           How to be good at video games

5.           How to eat healthily

6.           How to recycle

7.           How to be brave

8.           How to cheer someone up

9.           How to make people laugh

10.         How to be proud of yourself

Other notable subjects include, how to tell a joke, how to look after plants, how to respect other people and how to be well behaved!