Think outside the sandbox!

There are some simple things that you can do to celebrate the women in your life on this special day. But, if you want to blow her away and think outside the sandbox, here are a few suggestions.

It’s hard to believe, but Mom is also a person with her likes and loves that have nothing to do with her family.

She was a teenager once, who had posters on her wall, books on her shelf and printed t-shirts in her closet.

Nostalgia is big right now and there are no shortages of merch, concerts and clothing out there!

Perhaps she read the Sweet Valley High book series as a kid.

Maybe she had a Fred Savage poster on her wall… Or loved to watch Fraggle Rock as a kid!

But if you are more comfortable with traditional Mother’s Day Things to do, here are some ideas…

Time Alone

Among mothers of young children, this was by far the most requested Mother’s Day gift! This could be time alone at home while Dad takes the kids to the park or zoo, or even a night alone at a nice hotel where she can take a bubble bath, order room service, and enjoy a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Time With Her Kids

Somewhat ironically, what mothers of older children often want is time with their kids. So give her the gift of quality time together, whether that’s going on a hike, playing a board game, going out to brunch, or sitting together outside — it could be anything, as long you’re spending time together!

Dining Out

If eating out is something that is saved for special occasions, there’s no more special occasion for a nice meal out than Mother’s Day.

A Clean House

Whether it’s the family that all pitches in, or you hire a professional service, you can’t go wrong with the gift of a clean house

A Relaxing Spa Treatment

Whether it’s a full-on spa day or an individual service (like a massage, facial, or pedicure), moms love getting pampered. And who deserves pampering and relaxation more than a mother?

Getting To Sleep In (Or Take A Nap)

The gift of sleep is a valuable one for moms. Let her sleep in or give her time alone during the day to take a nap. (Or, if you want to knock her socks off, let her sleep in and take a nap!)

A Clean Car

Wash mom’s car at home on the driveway, or take it to a good car wash. Don’t forget to clean the inside, too!