Things Parents Secretly Hate About Having Kids!

No one said parents was easy, or fun for that matter!

Buzzfeed posed the question by asking parents what they secretly hate about having kids. We all love our children and would do anything for them, however, we don’t love everything that comes along with parenthood! So, parents are sharing what they hate about being a parent!


Being over-touched by your kid

having to deal with their school

Being a working mom, it’s exhausting

Milestones just make things harder.  Cool, they can walk-now I can never sit down again!

Playing toys with your kids

Weekends.  Weekends before having kids meant sleeping in, having brunch, and binge-watching. After kids, 8 AM hockey, bday parties and expectations to entertain your kids are what you do on the weekends.

Having to be nice to your kids, even when you’re in a bad mood.

The pressure we feel, knowing that every single day, every decision we make could mess them up forever!

Dealing with other parents, at school or at sports.

The mess…There is always a mess, something is sticky- something is on the floor.

Not wanting to leave the house after 7 pm…

Constantly cooking, making food or preparing snacks all well knowing they will complain about it

The lack of freedom in my schedule…

Kids following you everywhere!