Things People Will Never Do Again After COVID-19!

Is there something you will never do again?

This pandemic has taught us a lot about human behaviours, and what not to do again once we are past this.


A study of 2,000 adults found that there are things that we will try not to do moving forward.


For example, eight in 10 people will try not to share things with other people, while almost three-quarters will now always, maintain social distance from those they don’t know.


Using make-up samples at the store of sharing lip balm may be a thing of the past. Buffets may be a hard sell in the future as the fear of germs will still be fresh in people’s minds.



1.   Use someone else’s lip balm

2.   Sneak a bite of someone else’s sandwich

3.   Use store make-up samples

4.   Snog a stranger on a night out

5.   Borrow a swimming costume from someone else

6.   Use someone else’s make up

7.   Stand close to people at the bar or in a queue

8.   Leave the house without hand sanitizer

9.   Share a pack of crisps in a pub

10.   Use someone else’s deodorant

11.   Get someone to check if your breath smells

12.   Go to a buffet-style restaurant

13.   Hold the handrail on an escalator

14.   Hold onto public transport e.g. the bus/tube handles/pole

15.   Shake someone’s hand

16.   Borrow gloves from someone else

17.   Drink from mugs/glasses at work

18.   Chat in close proximity to someone in a club

19.   Sit next to someone on public transport

20.   Use office cutlery

21.   Try on someone else’s glasses to see what they look like

22.   Share clothes with a friend

23.   Use your fingertips to push pelican crossing buttons

24.   Use gym equipment after someone else

25.   High five someone

26.   Use someone else’s nail varnish

27.   Share takeaway food dishes with others

28.   Let someone else pack your shopping in the bags at the supermarket

29.   Go to a live sporting event

30.   Use a public toilet

31.   Sit on a train without sanitizing the area

32.   Hotdesk at work

33.   Partake in free food giveaways at work

34.   Use someone else’s pen

35.   Try on sunglasses in a shop

36.   Take part in an office ‘tea round’

37.   Use your fingertips to operate cashpoints

38.   Pay for things with cash

39.   Check your hair in someone’s sunglasses reflection

40.   Use a swing at a park

41.   Buy something from a charity shop

42.   Go back to the office at all

43.   Accept a cup of tea from someone else

44.   Go to shopping malls

45.   Sit in the back seat of a car next to someone

46.   Sleepover at someone else’s house

47.   Having a slice of birthday cake at a party

48.   Sample someone else’s baking

49.   Pose for a group photo

50.   Use a toilet at someone else’s house