Things That Adults Miss About Being A Kid

The new survey asks adults about the things they miss most about being a kid.

Not having to worry about money came out as the thing adults miss about being a kid, while not having to work and building sandcastles ranked highly in the top 50.  We also really miss Saturday morning cartoons, says the people in the survey!


Having your holidays paid for, getting money for losing a tooth, and always having energy were other things adults miss about being a child.


Adults say that 7 years old was the most magical age and it starts to fizzle out at about 10 years old and upwards.


Interestingly, six in 10 recall their childhood was better than the kids of today – because they spent more time outdoors, felt the world was safer for youngsters and they had more trust from their parents.



1.            Not worrying about money

2.            Having long school holidays

3.            The magical feeling of Christmas

4.            Always having energy

5.            Not paying any bills

6.            Not having to work

7.            Not having aches and pains

8.            Being really excited about birthdays

9.            Believing in Father Christmas

10.          Family holidays


Other things we miss about being kids include, getting loads of presents at Christmas. The thrill of getting a new toy, making forts, and having no fear!