Things That Are Illegal To Throw Away!

You will have to wait for your municipality to announce a pick-up day!

Just in case you didn’t know!

1. Household batteries

Batteries are broken down into two broad categories: Single-use and rechargeable. How you dispose of them is quite different.

2. Smartphones and tablets

There’s no way to remove the battery from many smartphones or tablets. Don’t simply chuck these devices in the trash, as the batteries can cause fires.

3. Televisions

Your television contains glass, lead, and other dangerous chemicals and should not end up in a landfill. And unless it’s bulk trash pickup time, don’t just put your old TV on the curb.

4. Car batteries

Car batteries contain lead and acid and pose a severe environmental risk to humans and animals. That means don’t drop your old one in a dumpster.

5. Lighters

Just like batteries, there are disposable and reusable lighters.

You can safely throw those cheap plastic lighters you can pick up just about anywhere in the trash if they’re empty, though this depends on state laws.

6. Thermometers

Old-school glass thermometers can contain mercury, which is highly toxic to the environment and living things. Don’t throw it in the trash, and be careful not to break it.

7. Car tires

Car tires contain steel belts that can puncture landfills and contaminate the environment. When you change your tires at a shop, they should take your old ones. There may be a small fee.