Things That Aren’t Designed For Women But Should Be!

Massage tables!

Believe it out not, there are a lot of things that aren’t made for all of us!

We just accept that our seatbelts slide up and dig into our necks, and honestly, we shouldn’t.

Scary Fact:

A few years ago, after a study revealed that women are 23% less likely to receive CPR in public than men, a company came out with an attachment to put over CPR dummies so people could learn how to give a person with boobs CPR. When you think about it- women appear not to be a factor when these things were created and designed.

“Crash test dummies with women’s body types (including ones representing pregnancies) used for automotive testing, please!”

Seatbelts that constantly slide up due to breasts.

There should be a compartment in cars right in the front/centre where you can keep your purse.

The angle of the headrest in the car makes it impossible for us to wear a ponytail.

Name Stickers suck!  There’s no great option for where to put them on outfits, plus they never stick right, so I’m constantly pressing my hand to my boob to fix it.  Not to mention- the placement of the sticker just invites people to stare!

Safety equipment isn’t easy to find. Women’s faces and bodies are smaller.  

How about the fact that there aren’t purse or bag hooks mounted on the bathroom vanities in public restrooms…No one wants to put their purse or bag on a dirty floor.

Spaces for comfortable, hygienic breastfeeding areas that are NOT in bathrooms.

How about building design and infrastructure????

You should not be able to look up through any floor or staircase and be able to see up anyone’s dress or skirt. In all honesty, I want to stop seeing floors that are mirrors/very reflective. It is not fun when you stumble across one of them wearing a skirt.

Fixed shower heads– they are always placed up high, making it hard to adjust!

Boob holes in massage tables would be nice!