Things that Boomers and Millennials Love To Say!

Why do millennials love to say "booty?"

There’s no denying that every generation thinks they’re the best! Every generation has its highlights, and perhaps phrases are one of them…

Here are common words and phrases by both Millennials and Boomers!

Boomer: “I’m Videoing this”

Millennials: “Jeff this, Jeff that, this is effete up”

Boomer: “Just nuke it” (when something needs to be warmed up in the microwave)

Millennials: “Ditto”

Boomers: “You look good” (they love to say this when they run into someone they haven’t seen in a while)

Millennials: “So I did a thing”

Boomers: love to say “lemme ask you this” (instead of just going straight into the question)

Millennials: love saying “words are hard this morning” okay it’s

Boomers: “phone tag”

Millennials: “An oldie but a goodie” and sending you a YouTube link from 2008

Boomers: “alright, let’s do this thing” before checking out at a grocery store…

Millennials: cuteness overload

Boomers: “Sit here, I don’t bite” and “That’s the million dollar question”

Millennials love saying “I was today years old when I learned this”

Boomers: love saying pot instead of weed

Millennials love saying “wait” before every realization

Boomers love saying “a million dollars” when servers ask if they can get anything else.

Millennials love saying “win” like “win the internet” or “win Twitter”

Boomers love saying “let’s see if this works” when handing over a credit card

Millennials love saying the word “booty”

Boomers love to say “it’s like something out of an SNL skit” to describe something funny

Millennials: “you must be fun at parties!