Things That Make You Feel Old

My clothes are vintage!

The average adult says they feel seven years older than they are when this happens!  It’s become more apparent that I am no longer in my 30s.



  1. Hearing a song I know on the “oldies” radio station                                  43%
  2. Catching myself squinting at the small print to make out what it says   38%
  3. Grunting when getting up from a seat or from bed                                    37%
  4. Seeing a celebrity I’ve never heard of or recognize                                     33%
  5. Having trouble seeing in a dim light room or restaurant                          26%
  6. Not being on TikTok, Snapchat, or newer social media                            24%
  7. Realizing something I use every day came out several years ago            22%
  8. Holding my arms out to read a menu or printed material                        17%
  9. Not being up to date on current events or trends                                       16%
  10. Not understanding current event jokes                                                         13%
  11. Having my clothing be called “vintage” in public                                       10%